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Between June 1st and June 30th, we tracked 23 new feature specs hitting the market, with 6 having some type of attachment. However, one spec made waves that hit the market some time ago, bringing our total success up to 7 (more on that spec later). That is a 43.75% increase in specs from last month. Not only that, but this is the highest number of specs in a single month all year.

Cross Creek Pictures picked up DRUDGE by Cody Brotter. Oddball internet reporter Matt Drudge broke the Lewinsky Scandal and nearly took down a presidency…

March is usually the month we see the market start to defrost and kick into high gear. Instead, the month stayed on course and went out with the exact same about as February. Between March 1st and March 31st 2022, we tracked a total of 19 feature specs hitting the market. Of these specs, 5 have some type of attachment. So, we’re seeing an even split between February and March, but with the market primed, it plays like a smaller month than anticipated.

Industry Entertainment is out with RETROGRADE by Alisha Ketry. Cynical slacker Bernadette isn’t invited to her perfect, new-agey sister, Dora’s vision board party.

Between February 1st and February 28th, we tracked a total of 19 feature specs hitting the market. That is quite the jump in numbers compared to last month. Of the 19 specs out, 5 have some type of attachment. So, while some really strong material hit the market, the heat is still working at finding a home.

Between January 1st and January 31st, 2022, we tracked a total of 11 new feature specs hitting the market. Compared to last month, we are seeing a 15% decrease in the material out. That is fairly standard for the time of the year, thanks to the holidays. In terms of successes, of the 11 specs out, 4 have some type of attachment.

Untitled Entertainment is out with MRS. X by Judith Godrèche. A French-American woman is forced to grapple with her place in the world.

Between September 1st and September 30th, we tracked a total of 24 feature specs out on the market. After months of the monthly spec count going down, we have finally shot back up. This is the highest spec count since March 2021.

Between August 1st and August 31st, we tracked a total of 15 feature specs out. This marks the third month in a row where specs have decreased. However, we all predicted the low rate of material out between vacations and productions slowly rolling out.

Between July 1st and July 31st, we tracked a total of 19 feature specs out. This is a decline from the specs out the previous month, but it was to be expected with many taking long-awaited vacations, coupled with the bottlenecking we’re seeing in the development chain. However, it’s not the drop-off we anticipated and is still on par with the past month’s numbers.

Anonymous Content is out with THE PRODIGY by Andrew Waller & Michael Gagerman. A young violinist infiltrates a Nazi Officer’s club as a musician and engages in daring acts of espionage.

Love is in the air as we reach what some believe to be the most romantic month of the year – February. Sure we had yet another impeachment trial, but from awkward online Hinge dates to sweet cards from Grandma, February is showing some promise on all fronts.

Circle of Confusion is out with THE BRANCH MANAGER by Bruce Branit. A misguided twenty-something Joe is given the opportunity to relive the day to correct past wrongs.

Alas, we reach the end of August and with Labor Day just around the corner, we’re returning to cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes invading our life yet again.

ICM is out with MR. CROUP by Ward Parry. A former British spy saves the life of a young girl, but in turn exposes his whereabouts.

ICM Partners sets SONGBIRD by Adam Mason & Simon Boyes at Bay Films and Invisible Narratives. A pandemic leads to a government conspiracy.

ICM Partners is out with THE MONSTER by James Greer & Jonathan Bernstein. This is a contained genre thriller, following two millennials who make quick money by flipping incredible NY apartments they don’t own to new lease applicants willing to pay a premium upfront before they know they’re being scammed, when they run into an apartment owner with a dark secret in his basement who flips the game on them. 

ICM is out with AN AMERICAN MEMBER by Morgan Evans. After a party girl accidentally receives an unsolicited dick pic from the President of the United States, her life is in thrown into total peril. Now her only chance for survival is to team up with a whistleblowing NSA agent, and get out of town.

Logline: A young fund manager decides to leave her unfulfilling job and long-term boyfriend behind to chase her lifelong dream of becoming an opera singer in the Scottish Highlands.

Fledgling writer Samuel Liston is enlisted by Floyd Deveraux – the enigmatic, middle-aged father of two – to pen his biography. But the circumstances that lead up to this arrangement in the first place are quite astonishing, and efforts to write the biography are quickly stymied by ensuing chaos.