Adam Kolbrenner

March is usually the month we see the market start to defrost and kick into high gear. Instead, the month stayed on course and went out with the exact same about as February. Between March 1st and March 31st 2022, we tracked a total of 19 feature specs hitting the market. Of these specs, 5 have some type of attachment. So, we’re seeing an even split between February and March, but with the market primed, it plays like a smaller month than anticipated.

Between March 1st and March 31st, we tracked a total of 25 specs out. This marks a minimal 2.8% decrease in specs from February’s count. So, while March did not outperform February, we saw little drop-off between the months. Of the 25 specs out, 9 have some type of attachment.

CAA and Lit Entertainment are out with MEEBO & ME by Matt Lieberman. A divorced dad goes through great lengths to get his son the hot new toy, an adorable robot.

Paradigm and Lit Entertainment are out with THE FIGURE by Michelle Hsu. A female scientist aims to further her career by building a larger-than-life synthetic human being.

Typically, January serves as that buffering month following the busy holiday season where everyone slowly emerges from the depths, picks up steam at work, and gets back into the rhythm of things.

Verve is out with DARLINGS by Aaron Sala. A woman estranged from her wealthy family returns to their estate to say goodbye to her dying mother.

CAA and Lit Entertainment is out with SPACE CADET by Liz Garcia. A Florida party girl turns out to be the only hope for the NASA Space Program.

This week we are joined by Lit Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner. He dissects the 2013 Crime/Thriller PRISONERS from scribe Aaron Guzikowski. Kolbrenner lays out the untold story of endless drafts all the way up to the red carpet premiere, taking a completely original idea and turning it into the breakout we know Guzikowski’s PRISONERS to be.

After she’s caught lying to her mother about being engaged a 32-year-old interior designer wakes up the next day to discover she suddenly has the ability to see the entire lifespan of any potential relationship with just one kiss. Think “27 Dresses“ meets ”Groundhog Day”.