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Story Trainee at Netflix Animation

The program will provide an opportunity for participants to hone their craft with the guidance of some of the Animation industry’s most talented artists. You’ll make connections, get the experience you need, and if all goes to plan, this may lead to a job offer on one of our productions.

Spec Tracker (DB)

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.08.38 PM When a bird flying south for the winter gets stuck in an airport, it’s up to his sister and a menagerie of animals to help him break him free before his parents find out and he’s grounded.

Launch Pad Scripts
OFF THE HOOK – John Arvai (Launch Pad)

Logline: In a world where a Christmas tree’s star is actually a secret transmitter used by Santa Claus to identify all of the active Christmas homes throughout the world, a toy soldier must lead a group of ornaments in a desperate race against time to find their missing star so Santa doesn’t skip their house.

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