Arnay Talent Agency

Between April 1st and April 30th, 2023, we tracked a total of 8 feature specs hitting the market or being sold, highlighting a 47% decrease in specs we followed compared to last month, due primarily to the impending writers’ strike. Of these 8 feature specs, 5 had some type of attachment.

Arnay Talent Agency is out with HOLD EVERYTHING by Ken Luber. A multi-million dollar University donation is placed in the hands of a football coach and theater professor who, after landing in Los Angeles, are immediately embroiled in a fiery….

Arnay Talent Agency is out with MR. KNIGHT’S KIDS by Gabriell De Bear Paye. A rebellious science teacher gets students to do science projects with important implications….

Arnay Talent Agency is out with RAMP RATS by Kim Delgado. Miami Air ramp-service personnel engage in the systematic looting of airport luggage and merchandise, which leads to….