Ashley Hinshaw

Logline: A house party is thrown off kilter when doppelgangers of all the guests start to appear.

Logline: Follows a team of U.S. archaeologists who uncover a recently discovered Egyptian pyramid but become lost in the dark, endless catacombs while a mysterious force hunts them down.

Logline: Follows a troubled 18-year-old girl who moves to San Francisco where she enters the porn industry and becomes involved with a cocaine-addicted lawyer.

Logline: Story centers on the drag-racing rivalry between Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen and how it helped revolutionize the sport in the ’70s.

Logline: Story centers on an anthropology bookworm who laments his place in a society that lacks a ceremony to mark his transition into manhood and leads his hard-partying, stressed-out classmates to his family’s abandoned ranch — where his brother lives in a psychotic world of drugs, guilt and Chumash Indian rituals.

Logline: Pitched as a POV film about what happens to a group of 3 Oregon high school students after a mysterious “incident” gives them super powers, and changes their lives forever.

Logline: As a 15-year-old is dumped by her more sexually experienced boyfriend, her 40-year-old divorcee mother struggles to move on with her life.