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The Runway – Your 2016 Pilot Survival Guide: FOX Comedies

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After approximately 148 years on air, the fat lady has finally sung for American Idol, leaving a giant gaping 2-hour hole in Fox’s weekly schedule. This could be a boon for comedy showrunners, drama showrunners, or both. Let’s find out what’s in the pipeline with our preview of Fox’s 2016 Comedy Pilots.

The Runway – Your 2016 Pilot Survival Guide: NBC Comedies

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NBC Comedy in the early 2010’s was like The Titanic. Plenty of people were yelling “Iceberg right ahead!” It takes time to turn a boat around, as it took some time for NBC to finally admit that they should be going mainly after broad comedies. Let’s see where the Peacock stands in our preview of NBC Comedy pilots.

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Actor Shortlist For “Star Wars” Han Solo Spinoff Movie Revealed

Disney and Lucasfilm have narrowed down the search for the starring role of their untitled Star Wars Han Solo spinoff film. Among the names on the shortlist are a mix of familiar faces of young Hollywood as well as up and coming actors who have the potential to fill the shoes and charisma of the character originated by Harrison Ford.

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