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Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 21 – In the season finale, Agent Wells must quickly stop the conspiracy from attacking their next location, while President Kirkman takes a bold step in addressing the conspiracy to the general public. Time is running out and Kirkman and his team must work swiftly to get the job done.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 20 – President Kirkman attends his first NATO summit with noble intentions, but a surprising article by Abe Leonard threatens Kirkman’s reputation. Meanwhile, Agent Wells is trapped on a moving cargo ship, as she desperately tries to find a way to escape.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 19 – Agent Wells is being held captive by Lozano, while her team tracks her down. We also learn vital new information in the conspiracy of the Capitol Hill bombing. Meanwhile, President Kirkman has his hands full from the fallout of Congresswoman Hookstraten’s Ethics Committee hearing.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 18 – President Kirkman rides his wave of good momentum by making a choice for Vice President, but not without controversy. Meanwhile, Agent Wells uncovers alarming new information about Lozano and his ties to an extreme group. The closer Wells gets to discovering the conspiracy, the more jeopardy follows.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 17 – Senator Bowman creates problems for President Kirkman in trying to fill a new supreme court, while journalist Abe Leonard is back to stir up trouble by writing an explosive article that would expose the true nature of the Capitol Hill attack. Speaking of which, Agent Wells and Atwood are in small town in North Dakota to uncover a possible terrorist cell location.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 16 – It’s down to the wire as President Kirkman and his administration work hard to get the majority of votes to pass an important gun control bill through Congress. Meanwhile, Agent Wells takes her alarming new discovery to get to the bottom of possible future attacks.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 15 – While President Kirkman makes an ambitious speech, in order to bring his administration back on track, the First Lady makes a controversial statement, which creates an unexpected setback. Meanwhile, Agent Wells makes some vital headway in tracking down the mysterious woman involved with the bombing.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 10 – In the mid-season finale, it’s a race against the clock as MacLeish is about to be sworn in as Vice President in front of the whole world. New clues and twists present themselves in uncovering the conspiracy about the Capitol Hill bombing, but at what price?

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 9 – In the penultimate episode before the mid-season finale, an NSA worker leaks classified documents that will leave a lasting impression on the Kirkman administration. Meanwhile, MacLeish is under a congressional hearing to validate his qualifications for the Vice Presidency and Kimble will stop at nothing to persecute him.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 8 – On the eve of an election that will decide a new House of Representatives, the threat of bioterrorism could put the whole operation in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the bombing investigation leads to some surprising twists that will have ramifications moving forward.

Designated Survivor ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 7 – President Kirkman has his hands full this week with various crisis involving the Russians, U.S. athletes, and who may be his son’s real father. While in FBI land, we get closer to solving the MacLeish mystery, but not until some last-minute reveals bring the case into jeopardy.

The Night Of ExcerptAfter seven episodes of build-up and anticipation, the Night Of has reached its conclusion in the case of Naz, on trial for the murder of Andrea. Things took some interesting and unexpected turns in the finale as some people found redemption, while others paid the price for their actions.

The Night Of Excerpt
The captivating premiere had us all on the edge of our seat. How was innocent-seeming Naz (Riz Ahmed) to untangle the predicament at the center of The Night Of? In the second chapter, entitled “Subtle Beast,” the saying refers to the quiet desperation facing all of the characters.