Dallaslyn Lamb


Rain Management is looking for a writer to develop 3000 SCOUNDRELS.

Rain Management Group is out with MR & MRS CLARK by Jennifer Goldson. Famous fashion designing couple from the 1960’s, Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell, have an entangled relationship with….

Rain is out with IBARRA by Jorge Ramirez-Martinez. After the deaths of her father and twin brother, a trans woman is pressured into de-transitioning by her sister so she can assume the identity of her….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with FORGERS by Brenden Gallagher. After the patriarch of a civil war souvenir shop dies, his children take over only to discover that the family business was not entirely….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with MELTDOWN by Bonnie Johnston & Sean Platt. Two neurodivergent boys must outsmart their parents, the government, and mysterious alien forces when a strange probe crash lands….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with SEX, VLOGS, AND KIDNAPPINGS by Kyla Sylvers. Four friends discover new ways to explore intimacy in order to have great sex with their partners, but they soon find….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with WANDERER by Jeremy Adams. A man cursed with immortality by the Son of God and a young professor who, until yesterday, didn’t believe in the supernatural, band together to hunt….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with ZOOMERS VS BOOMERS by Sean Platt & Niamh Arthur. A disillusioned teen finds himself trapped in a real-life game of survival. Together with eleven other high schoolers…

Art/Work Entertainment is out with ANALOG HEART by Sawyer Black. A bitter and dying retired “robot recycler” with a deep prejudice against robots must assume one final mission.

Art/Work Entertainment is out with THE MARGRET HOME by Rana Mancini Cavanaugh & Lydia Kane. A midwife causes outrage when she turns her family estate into a refuge for pregnant unwed mothers.