David Boxerbaum

Verve, Romark Entertainment, and Good Fear Content are out with MISTAKEN by John Wikstrom. A case of mistaken identity leads a former special forces agent to believe his estranged daughter has been kidnapped in Europe, when in fact, she hasn’t. She’s with her boyfriend, on a romantic vacation that’s about to….

Verve is out with BASH by Brendan Galbreath. In 1998, two titans became household names as Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa faced off to tackle the Major League Home Run Record, rejuvenating the sport in the process. Watching alongside millions of Americans is AP reporter Steve Wilstein who begins to question….

Verve & Romark are out with THE RIDGE by Liz Storm. When a new mom and her toddler are stranded in the remote wilderness, they must overcome the elements and the scars of….

Housefire Management is out with FEROCIOUS by Marc Bloom. A team of financially desperate hotel employees embark on a deadly treasure hunt to recover priceless diamonds from…

Romark Entertainment is out with TWO DAY RENTAL by Dennis Curlett. A 30-something underachiever, hopelessly stuck in the past, stumbles upon a magical video store.

Verve is out with KILLERS, INC. by Jayson Rothwell. A former soldier haunted by his brother’s death, is recruited to help assassinate the Russian politician who was responsible.

Verve is out with THE ARENA by Jeremy Passmore & Andre Fabrizio. Random members of a small mountain town suddenly dress up in outrageous costumes.

Warner Brothers picked up STAY FROSTY by Tyler Marceca. A man has to figure out who wants him dead and why and still make it back home in time for Christmas.

Between March 1st and March 31st, we tracked a total of 25 specs out. This marks a minimal 2.8% decrease in specs from February’s count. So, while March did not outperform February, we saw little drop-off between the months. Of the 25 specs out, 9 have some type of attachment.

Typically, January serves as that buffering month following the busy holiday season where everyone slowly emerges from the depths, picks up steam at work, and gets back into the rhythm of things.

Verve & Romark are shopping VIRAGO by Liz Storm. Described as in the vein of ROMANCING THE STONE meets INDIANA JONES.

Screen Gems bought DELILAH by Harrison Query & Tommy Wallach. A young woman assumes the identity of a family’s long-lost daughter

Verve and Housefire are out with CAULDRON by Marc Bloom. A woman’s life is suddenly shattered when three witches arrive on the doorstep.

Hero and Villains is out with BELLA by Jason Markarian. A cop’s daughter goes on a rampage to unearth her father’s assassin

Verve is out with SPELLCASTER by Edward Robles. A control-freak filmmaker attempts to resurrect his career by documenting a heist.