David O. Russell

Logline: When a former high school basketball phenom moves to a violent, crime ridden town, he meets a player just as good and just as desperate to make it out as bad as he is. Their unlikely friendship may just be the answer to both of their problems.

Logline: Based on the true story of Joy Mangano, a struggling Long Island single mom of three who invented the Miracle Mop and became one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Logline: Story follows an ordinary man, a husband and father happily living the American Dream, whose life is interrupted when God and the Devil decide to make a bet on the man’s life, putting the fate of the world at stake.

Logline: The true story of the FBI’s 1980 under-cover sting operation of Congress, dubbed Abscam, to root out corruption which was the brainchild of the world’s greatest con man.