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Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.08.38 PM An African-American LAPD officer must put aside his differences with the area’s street gangs when he discovers a local police task force is harboring a horrific secret that endangers the residents of the housing projects he grew up in.

David S. Goyer to Adapt Drew Magary’s Fantasy Novel “The Hike” Into Television Series

goyer-excerptA-list producer and writer David S. Goyer is set to bring Drew Magary’s fantastical The Hike to the small screen. IMG Global Television optioned the book while the Man of Steel screenwriter will executive produce the project which has been described as Cormac McCarthy’s Alice in Wonderland with elements of The Phantom Tollbooth mixed with a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

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When a disgraced astronaut enlists on a mission to reach the bottom of a recently discovered oceanic trench, he becomes subject to an increasing amount of danger and is reluctantly pulled into a psychological and physical battle with unexpected forces.

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David Goyer Producing Max Landis’ Latest Script “Deeper”

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David S. Goyer has just picked up buzzy scribe Max Landis’ latest script, the psychological drama Deeper. Goyer will produce under his Phantom Four banner, along with Addictive Pictures. Sources report that Phantom and Addictive beat out others clamoring for the project, as Landis has quickly established himself as a hot, up-and-coming talent.

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Centers on a teenage dirt bike rider who stumbles upon M.A.X., an escaped prototype of the most advanced military creation in history.

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Logline: A proof-of-concept film about blurring the boundaries of humanity and technology, set in the teenage off-roading world of California.

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Logline: Follows a young hacker who gets caught up in a group of hackers whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc on the establishment but when the German Secret Service starts to investigate, he realizes he’s a wanted man.

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Logline: A woman hires a cutting-edge team of doctors who have developed the ability to temporarily bring the dead back to life, in order to revive her deceased mother — but she may not want to be resurrected.

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