David Slade

Logline: In this steamboat era adventure, a struggling riverboat captain begins a partnership with a wealthy young aristocrat on a journey across the Mississippi, but soon discovers that the man is actually a vampire on a mission to free his race from their dependance on human blood. Together, they must embark on a perilous quest to unite the race of the undead with those of the living.

Logline: Story focuses on a single day in the life of a young man who holds a notorious outlaw captive as his gang closes in to take him back.

Logline: Centers on Leo, a master thief and heist planner who lives in a world of hustlers, crooked cops, pickpockets and lowlifes.

CBS gets into the JJ Abrams/Jonah Nolan show, Cinemax picks up “24 meets Call of Duty”, and Fox snags a medical drama from NBC. Meanwhile, ABC adds a couple directors, Cinemax adds 3 directors for previously mentioned, CW adds 1 for OC reunion project (of sorts), Fox adds a pair of brothers for Council of Dads, and NBC adds David Slade for Inception-like pilot, and Jeffrey Reiner to bring a certain princess superhero to life!

The shortlist of directors for Lionsgate’s upcoming first installment of the adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel THE HUNGER GAMES has fast become the must-land hot spot for directors, much akin to how the race for the Lisbeth Salander role was for GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. The project, which is being given early hype due to an excellent sales count on the novel side of things, has also been being the praise of being “the next Twilight, but with an edge.” So, exactly who are the directors Lionsgate thinks can deliver…?