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“Bright” Review: Will Smith’s Fantasy Film Made More “Noise” Than Sense, But That’s All That Matters to Netflix

Bright Drew McWeeny“The things that Ayer gets right in Bright are the tangible details of what it feels like to use magic in the world of the film, and there are some moments that are effective. But overall, it was impossible for me to fully give myself over as a viewer because I had a hard time understanding what the stakes and the rules were,” writes Drew McWeeny.

Drew McWeeny Unveils His Top 10 Films of 2017, In Which Love Conquers All

Drew McWeeny's Top 10 of 2017“Some of my favorite filmmakers made the list this year, and in every case, it feels like people working in personal mode, even if they’re working in the most mainstream of possible modes. When I think of 2017 in the future… if there is one… then these are the films that will most directly connect me to who I was at this moment in time.”