Emily Dell

“In this situation, when the president of a studio is calling you, you’re pretty confident that you’re not going to oversell yourself”
In the spirit of all things horror this October, David Boxerbaum of Verve joins us this week to break down the Horror/Thriller box-office hit THE SHALLOWS from writer Anthony Jaswinski. The script gained mass appeal when it hit the market, landing Jaswinski on the Black List, Blood List, and Hit List that year.

We are joined by Jake Wagner of Good Fear Content, who takes us through the in’s and out’s of one of the biggest spec sales in history – SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN from writer Evan Daugherty. The project, which was initially written during Daugherty’s time at NYU, would go on to launch his career, land him a spot on both the Hit List and Black List, and garner nearly $400 Million at the box office.

This week we are joined by Lit Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner. He dissects the 2013 Crime/Thriller PRISONERS from scribe Aaron Guzikowski. Kolbrenner lays out the untold story of endless drafts all the way up to the red carpet premiere, taking a completely original idea and turning it into the breakout we know Guzikowski’s PRISONERS to be.