Silver Bitela Agency is out with CHRISTMAS NOTES by Craig Clyde. A couple who can’t have children adopt a little girl with special needs; she can’t speak but….

Independent Artist Group is out with REVLINE by Adrian Speckert & Cory Hughes. When a former Dixie Mafia getaway driver’s checkered past catches up with him, he’s forced to return home to the family that abandoned him….

Tobias Literary is out with POSTCARD JOURNEYS by E.C. Jones. Every week, Mr. Gable, a celestial postman, delivers postcards to people in need of a life-changing journey, taking them on magical and transformative vacations to help….


HBO Max is looking for a writer/showrunner to develop HARRY POTTER as a TV series.

Partner with senior executives to develop current story ideas and create new projects. Actively participate in internal brainstorms and be able to creatively lead these meetings.

Tobias Literary Management is out with PRODIGAL by Gerald Hanks & Oscar Salazar. In an Atlanta African American Community, a trouble young white teenager, adopted by a black family, goes on a heart-wrenching search for his birth parents when….

Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment is out with HOMING by Jeremy Roth. When a fatherless homing pigeon born with no sense of direction gets lost in 1960s New York City, he not only learns the truth behind ….

Take notes in meetings with high-level showrunners, help with Keynote and/or Photoshop design projects, and update & organize submissions and development grids.

Art/Work Entertainment is out with MELTDOWN by Bonnie Johnston & Sean Platt. Two neurodivergent boys must outsmart their parents, the government, and mysterious alien forces when a strange probe crash lands….

Housefire Management is out with YOUR UNCLE BUSTER by Brandon Feldman. After spending a decade using a fake screw-up named “Uncle Buster” to set examples for their problematic twins, a desperate couple take the lie…