Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episodes 21-22 – Gotham throws everything into the Season 3, two-hour finale. Alfred fights for Bruce’s soul while Gordon fights the Tetch-virus against a city of rage. Fish consolidates power and snatches Professor Strange for her freak army. Butch challenges Barbara and Penguin and Riddler continue to war over hurt feelings.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 20 –Bruce accepts his role in the destruction of Gotham while Alfred goes through extraordinary lengths to find and stop him. Virus Lee traps Gordon when Bullock needs him most to locate and stop the Tech Virus bomb. Riddler creates a shaky alliance to attack Penguin but a villain returns from hiding with different plans for her favorite waddler.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 19 –The Shaman returns Bruce to Gotham but not Wayne Manor, Selina faces Clone 514A and convinces Alfred he’s living with an imitation. Barnes cuts through all of GCPD to capture and execute Gordon while Bullock discovers clues to the Owl bomb threat. Lee plunges into the mind of a supervillain, her own.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 18 –Gordon calls on Penguin for help when Kathryn starts her attack on Gotham and calls for Bruce’s return from the temple. Ivy snatches Selina from the hospital when she finds her in a coma. Lee pushes Bullock to investigate Gordon’s involvement in Uncle Frank’s death. Captain Barnes returns angrier than ever and vows to kill Gordon.

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Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 17 – Ivy helps Penguin recruit a couple of freaks and returns to Gotham while Riddler builds his brand, kidnaps Mayor James, and exposes the Court of Owls. Barbara’s thirst for power and control alienates Tabitha. Gordon meets Kathryn and earns his mask and seat at the table while Lee seeks evidence to destroy his career.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 16 – Bruce wakes up far from Gotham where his new host has special plans for his return. Gordon learns a disturbing truth about Uncle Frank and his work with the Owls. Kathryn imports a mysterious weapon to destroy the city and Ivy helps Penguin HR a hench army to retake his seat at the head of the Gotham underworld.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 15 – Nygma goes on a killing spree and struggles to find his place in Gotham without Penguin. Gordon hears a disturbing secret from uncle Frank about his father’s relationship to the Court of Owls. Bruce faces his Clone in a deserted alley and Ivy pulls something cold and vengeful from the river.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 14 – A blackout turns the streets of Gotham to chaos while Gordon and Bullock search for Jerome. No more games, Nygma confronts Penguin about Isabella’s murder and puts his love to the test. Bruce takes an important step towards the cowl and cape while Kathryn gets his clone ready for a covert mission.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 13 –Selina learns the truth behind Maria’s return to Gotham while Lee continues to cause heartache for Gordon at GCPD. Penguin loses his popularity as mayor after his on-air meltdown as Barbara, Tabitha, and Nygma subvert his control over the criminal underworld. Dwight leads Jerome’s cult in chaos across the city.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 12 – Gotham enjoys a good economy and relatively low crime numbers under Penguin’s administration, but Nygma turns against him and builds a clever team to destroy his old friend. Selina reconciles with her manipulative mother with some guidance from Bruce. Gordon dodges the revenge of Lee and Carmine Falcone while one of Gotham’s most inspirational villains returns from the dead.

Gotham ExcerptSeason 3, Episode 11 – Gotham cranks up the heart ache for Gordon when Lee takes her vows with a monster and Nygma accepts the truth behind Isabella’s death. Bruce moves forward with his plan to heist something valuable from the court of owls’ vault and get a lot help from Selina and a little help from her guardian angel.