Pittmobile Talent Agency is out with COMING TO THE STAGE by David Feinberg & Curtis Ellison. Calvin, a successful business executive, quits corporate life to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a….

Logical Talent Management is out with A PART OF SOMETHING by Cara Rothenberg. A bored stay-at-home mom becomes an amateur detective when her crotchety neighbor….

Logical Talent Management is out with BODICE RIPPERS by Laura Mannino. A control-freak, romance fanfiction writer befriends a closeted princess on the run from her wedding and collides with the celebrity of….

Logical Talent Management is out with A GOOD INFLUENCE by Cara Rothenberg. Desperate to rehabilitate her image after an unflattering video goes viral, self-absorbed reality TV star Carsyn Gates joins a youth mentorship program and is matched with….

The Film Co-Operative is out with DRUMDROP AND THE DUMMY BEARS by Jordan C. Arrant. A mid-thirties failed “rock star” gets much-needed and unexpected help from five irreverent cartoon-animated gummy bears that….

Mania Entertainment is out with TERMINALLY by Jordan C. Arrant. A group of wacky airport employees navigates their way through work and life in the non-stop daily madness of….

AGI Entertainment Media & Management is out with PRO-TEM by Carol Ray Hartsell. A small Alabama town is about to elect its first-ever female mayor, with a choice between 60-something Loretta Burns, whose family has held the office for a hundred years, and….

Logical Talent Management is out with FIRST TIME, LONG TIME by Cara Rothenberg. When Iris McCloud’s beloved radio show is abruptly canceled, she moves in with her socially graceless friend Denise, who hires Iris to work at her….

Tobias Literary Management is out with JOBBER by Gerald Hanks. A pro wrestler must re-learn the ropes as he goes from the top of his hometown company to the bottom of….

The Film Co-Operative is out with ADVENTURES IN ADVERTISING by Jordan Arrant. A not-so-stellar human team of advertising professionals, led by their unrealistically confident boss, rocket through the galaxy seeking work from alien….

Jackson Agency is out with PARAMORE NO MORE by Rena Carter. A twisted assortment of personalities clash interpersonally at Paramore No More, the US arm of a secret Chinese-based company that gets revenge for….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with SEX, VLOGS, AND KIDNAPPINGS by Kyla Sylvers. Four friends discover new ways to explore intimacy in order to have great sex with their partners, but they soon find….

Art/Work Entertainment is out with CAN’T HELP IT by Jess Nurse. A queer radio show icon has shaped her entire life around her identity as a Lesbian.