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Michael Douglas, Alan Arkin to Star in Chuck Lorre’s New Netflix Series “The Kominsky Method”

douglasarkinxcerptThe prolific television producer is already arranging his second Netflix series, following Disjointed with Kathy Bates, which premieres on the network August 25. The show would be Douglas’ first major television series since 1972 and Arkin’s since 2002. It would also be the first time the star of 1979’s The In-Laws and the star of its 2003 remake appeared on-screen together.

Paramount Pictures Has Come Out Ahead in the Deal for DiCaprio’s “Leonardo da Vinci” Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo Da VinciUniversal is believed to have made a very strong offer for the project, but Paramount is well within its right to match it under the terms of its deal with Appian Way. The only reason Paramount wouldn’t come away from this book battle victorious is if its war chest is running low — which it very well could be following a failed financing deal with China’s Huahua Media.

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