Jane Seymour

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Kept under wraps, but explores the darker ramifications of a world filled with superheroes — for the citizens they save and the famed protectors themselves.

Logline: A middle-aged man decides to make a movie about himself with a large cast that portrays him at various ages, which leads him to start taking an introspective look at his life.

Logline: Story centers on a woman who has a crazed obsession with the “Pride and Prejudice” character Mr. Darcy, and has trouble meeting men when none of them can live up to him.

Logline: When newlywed marriage counselor Ava learns that her parents, whose marriage she’s always idealized, are headed for divorce, she cannot accept it. Ava sets out on a dangerous path to save her parents’ marriage at the expense of her own, manipulating loved ones to achieve her objectives.