Jaume Collet-Serra

“In this situation, when the president of a studio is calling you, you’re pretty confident that you’re not going to oversell yourself”
In the spirit of all things horror this October, David Boxerbaum of Verve joins us this week to break down the Horror/Thriller box-office hit THE SHALLOWS from writer Anthony Jaswinski. The script gained mass appeal when it hit the market, landing Jaswinski on the Black List, Blood List, and Hit List that year.

Logline: A man with the ability to enter people’s minds tries to determine whether a young girl is a sociopath or merely traumatized.

Logline: Pitched in the vein of “District 9” and “War of the Worlds”. A physicist must protect his family and the future of the human race by destroying a time travel portal he created.

Logline: A terrorist aboard a domestic flight tells a U.S. Air Marshall he will kill a passenger every twenty minutes until the Air Marshall kills himself.

Logline: Story follows a man with the ability to enetr people’s minds who utilizes it on a 16-year-old girl in order to discover is she is a psychopath or the victim of traumatic abuse.

Logline: Set in the very near future, the story takes place in the midst of World War 3, a war fought fought with nukes, and a vicious new strain of chemical virus that turned the remaining survivors of the nuclear fallout into something monstrous. Now, the three remaining survivors of Bangor, Maine, must cling together to survive the elements, the freezing temperatures, and the things that come in the night.

Logline: A cool aristocratic thief and an escaped murderer join forces in a jewel heist but must contend with a wily police superintendent determined to catch the duo.