Jeff Portnoy

Bellevue and UTA are out with BREACHED by Matt Ritter. When rival hitmen and expectant fathers mistakenly cross paths in the hospital, they suspect a deadly plot against each other. But when they discover a….

Bellevue Productions is out with THE GREAT PRETENDER by Kirill Baru & Eric Zimmerman. When Tom Hanks, the nicest guy in Hollywood (and arguably the World), finds his life stolen by a Tom Hanks impersonator, the only way to get it back is….

UTA & Bellevue Productions are out with I STOLE LADY GAGA’S DOG by Matt Ritter. A struggling actor’s inept scheme to win his girlfriend back falls apart when he accidentally steals….

Bellevue Productions is out with LIEUTENANT NINJA by Barry Battles & Nir Paniry. When a macho supercop-turned-vigilante from a dimension that functions like a bad 1980s action flick is accidentally transported into our world, he must team up with….

Bellevue Productions is out with SURVIVING JAMES DEAN by Matthew Carlson. Aspiring screenwriter William Bast struggles with both his career and identity in 1950’s Hollywood while falling in love with….

Bellevue Productions is out with THE CURSED PATH by Barry Battles & Nir Paniry. When their community is cursed with a devastating plague, the elders of a Colonial New England town – a town with a dark history of persecuting and executing witches – summon a witch to help….

Bellevue Productions is out with TOTAL LANDSCAPING by Woody Bess. A day in the life of the employees of Four Seasons Total Landscaping and its neighboring businesses on November 7th, 2020, the day an average, working-class strip mall in East Philadelphia became….

Bellevue Productions is out with BLACK DOGS by Kieran Turner. In 1973, four young friends from the streets of Baltimore attempt to pull off what is possibly the most brazen heist in….

Bellevue Productions is out with THE G.O.A.T. by Eric Podell. Set during the six week period beginning when the Greatest Quarterback in NFL history announces his retirement and ending when….

Bellevue Productions is out with HARLOWE by Colin Waite. After a botched payday, a criminal fixer finds herself in over her head after the FBI blackmails her into rescuing…

Bellevue Productions is out with DOLL WARS by Matt Ritter. When the upstart Bratz dolls challenged Barbie’s antiquated gender norms and threatened their monopoly, Barbie struck back with…

Bellevue & WME are out with DIFFUSION by David Rothley. With the world on the brink of a second Cold War, a photojournalist inadvertently captures a murder-in-progress and finds himself…

Bellevue Productions is out with BAD GUY by Nicolas Curcio. One man gets fed up and decides to go undercover to take down the most notorious “baddie” of them all.

Kaplan Stahler & Bellevue are out with CONCERNED CITIZEN by Matt Tente. A stringer for a security App is falsely identified as a terrorist bomber .

Bellevue Productions is out with BOWIE’S WAY by Peter Eskelsen. The destinies of a renegade Gunrunner, his Rodeo-Prince Brother, an African-American Biker, and a Mexican Policewoman all intertwine as they seek revenge.

Sony Pictures Entertainment picked up THE DRYLINE by David Rothley. A ransom negotiator must fight to keep a young boy alive when they come under attack by the very people who hired her.

Verve is out with WE ARE UNTOUCHABLE by Luke Greenfield & Captain Mauzner. A group of low-level assistants in their 20s work for international embassies.

Bellevue Productions is out with EXTRA CREDIT by Dax Shelby. A straight-A student is forced to help his teacher outrun her dark past.

Bellevue Productions is out with GAME, SET, MATCH by Peter Eskelsen. The lives of a varied group of people all intertwine in an escape mission.

Bellevue Productions is out with JARED LETO LIVES NEXT DOOR by Eric Podell. A married couple’s life is turned upside down when they move into their forever home only to discover that their new neighbor is the wife’s teenage obsession.

Bellevue Productions is out with ADULTING by Anna Rose Moore. A cynical thirty-something wakes up to discover that her annoyingly optimistic twelve-year-old self has materialized.

Bellevue is out with SEE THE ELEPHANT by Matt Ritter. When a decorated Navy Seal runs for Congress, his former troopmates start turning up dead.

Kaplan Stahler and Bellevue are out with THE SIDE DOOR by Matt Tente. Tennis coach Gordie Ernst accepts $2.7 million in bribes to help 12 students who never played tennis gain admission.

Bellevue Productions is out with LET’S GO CRAZY by Barry Battles & Nir Paniry. A group of teens find singer-songwriter Prince lying in a Chicago scrap yard, injured and suffering from amnesia.

Bellevue is out with HATTERAS by Matt Ritter. An estranged husband accompanies his wife to bury her mother, only to find out she was likely murdered.

In order to help pay off a friend’s debt, a daredevil free solo rock climber agrees to participate in a heist that requires him to embark on the most dangerous climb of his life.