Jennifer Trofa

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 10 – Veep’s season six finale is a hilarious flashback-fueled journey through Selina’s political past. She’s consistently chosen politics over family/relationships and with an upcoming presidential run (yes, again), it looks like that won’t be changing for a while.

Bull ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 23 – Bull ends its first season with an uneven finale that hits essentially the same story beats as last week. Bull works with JP, has ethical objections to her client choice, but helps, eventually winning—Bull has gone the whole season without losing a case.

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 6 – Veep delivers a predictable episode hampered by an overly familiar storyline. Once again, Selina bungles a big opportunity, ending up in a worse position than when she started scheming.

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 5 – In another hilarious episode of Veep, Selina learns some harsh truths about her late father while working on her memoir with Mike. Meanwhile, Richard agrees to be a sperm donor while Jonah sleeps with Sherman Tanz’s daughter.

Bull ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 21 – Bull introduces a new character, high-powered lawyer JP Nunnerly (Eliza Dushku), as the team works to clear Benny of the charges filed against him by the District Attorney’s Office. It’s an episode filled with ridiculous dialogue and over-the-top acting.

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 4 – In another very funny episode, Team Meyer, now including Amy, deals with rumors that Selina might be nominated for the Supreme Court and a health scare, while Jonah once again manages to fail upwards.

superstore (1)Season 2, Episode 22 – Superstore ends its great second season with an impressive episode. Relationships are pushed forward when a freak tornado threatens the store, all while the employees are still processing the corporate mandated layoffs.

Bull ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 20 – Bull is more ridiculous than usual this week, but that’s not a bad thing. The show is at its most fun when it embraces its ridiculousness and this week’s case gives it plenty of opportunities to do so.

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 3 – Veep delivers its best episode of the season so far, as the majority of the cast is reunited when Selina goes to Georgia (the country, not the state) to supervise an election. Also featured this episode: the return of her Finnish nemesis Minna.

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 2 – The sixth season of Veep is off to rocky start, as this episode felt as uneven as the premiere. Splitting up the characters makes sense logically, but the cast’s chemistry was part of what made the show so great.

Bull ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 19 – Bull once again relies on a ridiculous last minute twist with minimal explanation to solve a case, but to the show’s credit, it’s one of its most ridiculous twists yet. Bull helps an infamous criminal defense attorney after he’s accused of killing his fiancé.

Veep ExcerptSeason 6, Episode 1 – Veep returns for its sixth season with a place-setting episode focused on catching up with the characters and establishing the new status quo. It’s not the funniest episode the show’s done, but it sets up what will be an interesting season.

the-path-trailer-headerSeason 2, Episode 13 – The Path’s season finale disappoints, as the main characters are back in essentially the same places they were at the beginning of the season. Although the show was renewed today, there doesn’t seem to be enough story left for another season.