Jody Hill

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.48.33 PM A lonely post-apocalyptic survivor facing isolation and the ever-present specter of a zombie attack struggles with alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts, until he discovers another survivor, a beautiful woman who poses another threat altogether.

Logline: A high school reunion committee chairman must go to Los Angeles to convince the most popular guy in their class, now an actor, to attend the twentieth high school reunion.

Logline: A coming-of-age story about the unlikely bond that forms between a sexually adventurous teenage girl and her obese, mentally unstable step-brother.

Logline: Two men from a quasi-cult are sent out from their isolated small town to bring in new members, but they become caught up in society’s over-consumption and modern culture.

Logline: Story centers on two brothers who have bullied people their whole lives and finally get what is coming to them.