Joe Carnahan

Logline: A thriller centered on a terrorist plot against the president’s motorcade as it navigates through Los Angeles.

Logline: After a man is told by a rogue passenger to drive, he tries to figure out why the passenger is after him and how he can get out of the car without being killed.

Logline: Touted as, “Ground Hog’s Day” meets “Smokin’ Aces,” the story follows a man stuck in a single day where he is hunted by an army of assassins.

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Logline: After his father, a respected Mexican politician, is brutally murdered, his son vows to clean up the streets, and to run for office to take back the country he loves. And to do it, he’s going to need to hire four of the most dangerous men in the world to help him.

Logline: Story centers on a group of plane crash survivors who are stranded in the desolate forest, and are being hunted by a pack of wolves.