John Hamburg

Logline: A Midwestern father who takes his family to visit his Standford-attending daughter at Christmas and subsequently gets into a competition with her boyfriend, a young Internet billionaire.

Logline: After losing his job and getting dumped by his girlfriend just before the holidays, a depressed man decides to spend Christmas alone, a plan that is quickly ruined by his dysfunctional neighbors.

FOX picks up a father/son dating comedy, HBO gets documental with the Tropic Thunder gang, NBC gets into drug trouble, girl trouble and aging trouble, while USA hands out pilot commitments to a trio of new shows, and Community gets a few more episodes thanks to that spectacular Halloween episode!

Logline: Story centers on a renegade group of former space employees, led by an Eastern European woman, who travel the world, stealing space equipment in an attempt to go back to the moon to acquire an energy source. The last item to steal — or in this case, kidnap — is an ex-NASA employee.