MacGyver ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 21 – MacGyver rounds out its season finale in a more than satisfactory way with “Cigar Cutter.” With a lot of questions still unanswered, the show leaves a lot of room for speculation and hope that season two will bring only bigger and better things.

MacGyver ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 20 – MacGyver steps into a villain’s shoes in “Hole Puncher.” With the team working separate cases from different places, the episode gives Mac a chance to shine a little more brightly, and breaking the routine of the show makes for an interesting change.

MacGyver ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 19 – MacGyver struggles to live up to previous expectations set by the show in “Compass.” With clunky storylines and character arcs, the show falls into old bad habits that hamper the potential of the episode.

MacGyver ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 18 – MacGyver teams up with Hawaii Five-0 in “Flashlight.” With an interesting new plot angle, the show starts off strong, but quickly dives into a typical MacGyver twist, with all the show flaws that brings as well.

MacGyver ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 17 – MacGyver takes its plot to a whole new level in “Ruler.” With compelling action and the highest stakes the show has had thus far, the episode demonstrates the full potential of the show.

MacGyver ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 13 – MacGyver ramps up the tension and stakes in “Large Blade.” With a storyline that isn’t afraid to pile on the complications for our protagonists, the episode proves to be the best yet in this season of the show.