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Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.08.38 PMLogline: Bailey is a well-meaning sweetheart who’s dumped by his girlfriend and learns he has testicular cancer (again). Darla is a cynical reporter whose sex addiction is getting in the way of her sex column. Then Darla has an idea, taking Bailey on an impromptu road trip across the U.S., recreating each of her myriad sexual experiences from state to state. She’s looking for a story and he’s looking for a last hurrah; what they find is something neither expected.

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A unique, dark, and character-driven take on the origins of Peter Pan, the rise of Captain Hook, and the dangerous and enchanting worlds they inhabit.

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Rachel McAdams Eyed For Marvel’s “Dr. Strange”

rachel-mcadams-passengers-casting1Rachel McAdams is in early talks to play the female lead in Marvel’s Dr. Strange. The film follows Benedict Cumberbatch as a neurosurgeon who becomes Sorcerer Supreme, protecting the Earth against magical and mystical threats. While talks are in the early stages, McAdams would most likely play Clea, a prominent member of Doctor Strange’s supporting cast and his love interest.

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