Mark Johnson

Logline: Story follows a nuclear war and the only human survivors are the ones who were in the subway when the bombs dropped. Twenty-one years later, the survivors have formed a civilization underground but it’s threatened by an advanced species of mutant.

Logline: The story follows a husband who successfully tricks his wife into falling for another man in order to end their 20 year marriage, only to regret his decision.

Logline: When concert-level violinist Jake Heckum returns to his rural Western town to visit his simple-minded brother William “Buddy” Heckum, he learns that Buddy has fallen under the influence of murderous ganglord, Julius Hench, who has turned the gullible Buddy into a killing machine. Now, Buddy wants to quit the gang and join Jake in New York, but Hench has no intention of letting his prize hit-man go so easily.