Manage complex calendars and scheduling across multiple locations and time zones and help ensure executives are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.

Managing schedule of the EVP, including coordinating daily meetings and appointments. Arranging complex travel plans and itineraries, compiling documents for travel-related meetings, and accompanying supervisor when requested.

Managing an international calendar, answering, setting, & connecting calls, balancing schedules, and coordinating meetings, multitasking and prioritizing tasks, interfacing with other Activist offices, handling both domestic and international travel, and project management.

Responsibilities include coordinating meetings, schedules, & calendars for Sales executives, script coverage, pitching avails to distributors, and entering & maintaining databases, and attending Film markets.

Responsible for research projects, information tracking, grid work, and script/Book coverage in addition to providing high level administrative support, including, but not limited to: day-to-day scheduling, processing, note-taking, and generating organization systems.