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An ex-con who has found spirituality becomes embroiled in a conspiracy amongst the backdrop of the Flint, Michigan water crises.

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After a NY advertising executive experiences a deep personal tragedy, his co-workers concoct a plan to snap him out of his grief – which works, but not in a way that anyone could have expected.

Logline: Centers on a reclusive engineer who, amidst his attempt to save our dying planet by growing trees in what is now a post apocalyptic wasteland, must also protect an abused girl from the highway men who are hunting her.

Logline: Story follows a high school overachiever who reevaluates his goals after he meets and falls in love with a girl in the end stages of cancer.

Logline: Follows a teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and what he imparts to his students, friends, and lovers to better the world before his time runs out.

Logline: Arriving at a critical crossroad in her life, a young woman decides to learn Salsa dancing. She quickly develops a fondness for it and her handsome instructor.

Logline: A secretary working at the U.S. Embassy in Ghana is chosen to be the new chief of a small African village after her uncle, the former chief, dies.