Raina Deerwater

i love dick excerpt Season 1, Episodes 1-8 – Amazon’s I Love Dick investigates the sex and sexism of art, desire and Kevin Bacon. Though it can feel pretentious at times, the show’s poignancy shines through, as does Kathryn Hahn’s career making performance.

ingobernable excerptSeason 1, Episodes 1-5 – In its first five episodes Ingobernable sets the stage for an intriguing political intrigue drama with a compelling lead. Hopefully, the show can keep this momentum going in answer some of the burning questions that the show asks.

This is Us ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 14 – It was never a great writing choice to end every episode on an expectations-shifting cliffhanger of a plot twist, but at least there was something to look forward to during that time. Now, every episode is starting to feel a little sluggish.

This is Us Excerpt Season 1, Episode 13 – This Is Us provides some sweet moments, but once again drowns in predictability and sap. It’s gotten to the point in the show where they seemed to have maybe run out of ideas. I say maybe because these storylines could be what the creators think are good ideas, but they feel like someone’s idea for a spec of the show.

This is Us ExcerptSeason 1, Episode 12 – This Is Us stays permanently in 1980 this week, which could be an interesting choice, but falls flat. When the format changed to include none of Jack and Rebecca’s kids, and a whole lot of winking at the audience, the show fell victim to the most self-indulgent side of the show.