Roger Donaldson

Logline: An up and coming American diplomat in Lebanon has his life shattered when a fringe terrorist group’s bullet kills his wife. Ten years later, he must confront his demons when then same terrorist group kidnaps his trusted friend and colleague from his days in Lebanon.

Logline: A publisher tries to keep his life from completely unraveling after firing an unstable I.T. guy who has gotten too close to his family.

Logline: Story follows an Australian hedge fund manager who attempts to short the Indian Rupee and causes a disaster.

Logline: In 1914, a group of German teenagers volunteer for action on the Western Front. Paul Baumer is a sensitive youth, but is persuaded to join up by a war-mongering professor advocating glory for the Fatherland. Paul and his friends are trained under Himmelstoss, a kindly postmaster turned brutal corporal, and then sent to the front lines to taste battle, blood and death.

Logline: Follows the true story of Lawrence Anthony, a South African game preserve owner who snuck into Iraq after the war began in 2003 and rescued the animals in the Baghdad Zoo.

Logline: When his wife is raped and beaten, Nick Gerard becomes entangled in an underground vigilante organization that promises to kill his wife’s attacker in exchange for the promise that he will one day do something in return for the organization. Nick mistakenly takes them up on the offer and, eventually, finds himself in a stuck in a bind.