Scott Moore

Logline: Centers on a test pilot whose plane is shot into the future where he finds himself on the run from the people who are convinced he has sinister intentions.

Logline: Pitched as “The Hangover” meets “Animal House,” two college seniors get their best friend drunk on his 21st birthday and then must race to get him to his medical school exam the next morning.

Logline: Story centers on a woman who is a criminal suspect and the male FBI agent who is supposed to be escorting her to court when the two are ambushed and forced to go on the run.

Logline: Centers on a man caught between two robberies that take place at the same bank at the same time who secretly plots to win the heart of a feisty bank teller.

Logline: Pitched as a martial arts retelling of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, the tale follows Olivia Snow in 1890s Hong Kong, as she returns to attend her father’s funeral, only to discover her mother is plotting against her. Forced to flee to stay alive Snow escapes to mainland China, where she seeks solace with seven Shao Lin monks who, in turn, come to believe the woman holds the fate of the world in her hands.