Damien Chazelle Critics Choice ExcerptLast night, the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards handed out the top prizes to various categories in film and television, further heating up the awards race. Damien Chazelle’s musical breakout La La Land took top honors for film, while Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley nabbed the highest awards in the television race.

the crown excerptSeason 1, Episode 8-10 – The Queen and Phillip go on an exhausting world tour that strains their relationship. Margret and Peter have another obstacle to face in order to be married. Churchill comes to terms with his age. And the Queen tries to balance her identities.

the crown excerptSeason 1, Episodes 1-4 – King George IV is dealing with an illness amidst a pivotal election and Elizabeth’s marriage. Queen Elizabeth assumes power and has to juggle her duties as a wife and ruler. Churchill tries to maintain his position as Prime Minister. And Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend try to keep their affair a secret.