Art/Work Entertainment is out with WANDERER by Jeremy Adams. A man cursed with immortality by the Son of God and a young professor who, until yesterday, didn’t believe in the supernatural, band together to hunt….

Jeff Ross Entertainment is out with T H E M by Sean Wathen. A young black journalist, trying to run from a tragedy in her past by moving away, is terrorized when spirits haunting her new apartment connect….

Basilisk Entertainment is out with LOST RADIO by John Swansingers. A 13-year-old boy goes on a journey for answers to the disappearance of his father, who went missing in search of….

Elixir Entertainment and Paradigm are out with THREE CHORD BLACK by Raj Balu. A young, black, modern day country music trio arrive in Nashville to record an album and pursue their dream, but end up the target of….

CAA is out with STILL LIVES by Ian Samuels. When Ryan recreates a taxidermy version of his ex-boyfriend from rogue animal parts, it starts to….

Echo Lake Entertainment is out with MESS by Paul Soter. When an obsessively tidy man and his family become the victims of a home invasion by a gang of violent (and filthy) thugs, his spiraling OCD….

Voltage Arts Management is out with WARDS OF THE STATE by Nora Wyman & Alex Enriquez. To avoid #adulting, a slacker couple hatch an elaborate scheme to become wards of the state….

CAA is out with THE THREESOME by Ethan Ogilby. When a young man’s perennial crush leads him into an unexpected threesome, he thinks it’s his ultimate fantasy come true. But when the fantasy ends….

Authentic Talent and Literary Management is out with MR. NRA by Brent Fletcher. The man most responsible for creating the NRA as we know it is Harlon Carter. A folk hero in the modern-day gun community, he remains fairly anonymous….

Gotham Group is out with MAN OF WAR by Jordan Ross. Sergeant Noah Galloway, a military hero who lost both his arm and leg during the Iraq War, and faces an internal battle upon his return to….

Jackson Agency is out with CRANE by Comika Hartford. An unstable recluse taking refuge in a small town is pulled into a murder mystery when….

Verve & Romark are out with THE RIDGE by Liz Storm. When a new mom and her toddler are stranded in the remote wilderness, they must overcome the elements and the scars of….

Basilisk Entertainment is out with JAM by Pyung Kim and Joy Nash. Various friends, lovers, families, enemies, and a pop star are forced to face truths and lies and their own insecurities while….

AAO Entertainment is out with LIV & CLARE by Michael Paul. When a female CIA assassin infiltrates the MI6 and a female MI6 assassin infiltrates the CIA, the two hitwomen fall in love and must….

Bellevue Productions is out with THE G.O.A.T. by Eric Podell. Set during the six week period beginning when the Greatest Quarterback in NFL history announces his retirement and ending when….

Jackson Agency is out with WEEKEND BAE by Rick Walls. A young, no-nonsense woman arrives in L.A., starting a new chapter in her life; she meets a successful but clueless businessman who….

Logical Talent Management is out with THE GIVING CHILDREN by Valerie Brotski. When the FBI recruits a physical therapist to aid in its investigation at a cutting-edge children’s medical foundation, she discovers an international….

Departure is out with AIRTIGHT by Dillon Magrann-Wells. When a carpenter shows up to put the finishing touches on an eccentric billionaire’s…

Gotham Group is out with LULLABY by Robert Nelson Jacobs. An aspiring pop singer with a thirst for fame is chosen to participate in an artistic retreat run by….

Zero Gravity Management is out with EXTRADITION by Andrew Rubin. A newly minted CIA agent offers a group of fugitives hiding in Russia the chance to return home if they help her recover a top-secret weapon that….

Jackson Agency is out with SEED MONEY by Tracy Grant. To save his job and career, a Brooklyn-born investor accepts a cash infusion from…

Gersh is out with JOSH’S MOM by Aaron Karo. A retired schoolteacher enjoys gardening and Mahjong with the gals, but when her secret past in the CIA is revealed…

APA is out with THE DOOR by Jon Wright, Alexander Stuart & Mark Stay. A young couple is confronted by nightmarish visions while…


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