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Film Rights - 2015 (database listings) The Landauer House becomes an instant masterpiece, but for those that reside within its walls, it also brings out their most passionate desires and darkest secrets. The crystalline perfection exerts a pull on all those who know it, inspiring them, freeing them, and always causing its inhabitants to fall under the fervent and unrelenting influence of the Glass Room.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.48.33 PM The story of Robert F. Kennedy, politician, and brother to John F. Kennedy, who gained national attention for his public challenge of notorious Teamster Jimmy Hoffa.

Film Rights - 2015 (database listings)Nolan Jackson is a journeyman carpenter by trade and a wanderer by nature. Set in 2007, while fellow Americans fight in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Nolan uproots himself from the tentative relationships he has made after a shocking accident and heads west towards the ocean.