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{TB EXCLUSIVE} “Guardians Of The Flame” Series In Development With “Game Of Thrones” Producer And Studio 8

guardians of the flame
Game of Thrones co-executive producer Vince Gerardis and Studio 8 are working on bringing long-running book series Guardians of the Flame to the screen. The books follow a group of college students who participate in a role-playing game led by their professor. When their professor transports them to a magical world where the game is very real, they must fight to survive.

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Logline: In this steamboat era adventure, a struggling riverboat captain begins a partnership with a wealthy young aristocrat on a journey across the Mississippi, but soon discovers that the man is actually a vampire on a mission to free his race from their dependance on human blood. Together, they must embark on a perilous quest to unite the race of the undead with those of the living.

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Logline: After surviving a violent car accident, a woman is attacked in her home by a masked assailant and finds herself living out a time loop that has her experiencing the attack from several points of view.

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Logline: In the future the ruling class of our planet discovers the power to restructure time, and therefore are granted the name “The Eternals”. However, their dominance over the world is threatened when one of the Eternals falls in love with a human.