Takashi Miike + Tom Hardy = “The Outsider” or How We Learned To Throw Two Doses Of Crazy Into A Project To See What Would Happen



might direct Tom Hardy in a Hollywood movie. Let that sink in for second. The movie is called and follows a WWII American POW who, after being captured by the Japanese, eventually works his way through the rituals and hardships and becomes a member of the Yakuza, an organized crime outfit.

The project is written by Andrew Baldwin and produced by Joel Silver, Art Linson and John Linson.

Miike has directed some absolutely insane movies. All of them crazy in totally different ways. The title card of “Ichi The Killer” being written in sperm is a good litmus test or taste for the extremes to which he can go. He’s also directed approximately 2 billions movies, some of which include His “Dead or Alive” trilogy, “Audition” and a slightly tame, but incredibly awesome (if not a variation on “Seven Samurai”) “13 Assassins”.

Source: Deadline



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