{TB EXCLUSIVE} Johnny Depp offered Lead in Paramount and Bad Robot’s “ONE LAST THING BEFORE I GO”



J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot, in tandem with , is producing the heart-wrenching family drama ONE LAST THING BEFORE I GO and an offer has been made to Johnny Depp for the lead role of Drew Silver. The film is based on the best-selling novel by , with the studio reportedly paying over a million dollars for the rights back in May 2012.

Almost the entire Executive board at Bad Robot is on the project, including J.J. Abrams, , Lindsey Weber, and . and are overseeing the project at Paramount, and it seems to be top priority for the studio.

The story centers on a man in the midst of a terrible mid-life crisis who decides to forego critical heart surgery to connect with his estranged family. It’s perfect bait for Depp, who’s range stretches from musical horror to serious drama, and gives him a role with ample depth, in contrast to some of his more lighthearted roles in “The Lone Ranger,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Both Depp and Abrams are huge Hollywood heavyweights, grossing hundreds of millions at the box office and garnering critical as well as commercial success. Depp is recently coming of his film “Transcendence” which will be in theaters this year, and Abrams is hard at work at the next installment of the Star Wars trilogy for Lucasfilm and Disney.

No word yet on how interested Depp seems to be, but he does have his pick of the litter. Maybe he can ask fiancé Amber Heard for her opinion. I’m sure she’d want to see his inner “family man” before their impending wedding, and you know what, so would I!

Depp is repped by UTA.
Abrams is repped by CAA.



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