{TB EXCLUSIVE} Brad Pitt and 12 Years a Slave Producers Eye “Anonymous Vs. Steubenville” Next



, and their Plan B Entertainment have partnered up with and ’s to snatch up rights to the Rolling Stone article ANONYMOUS VS. STEUBENVILLE written by . The article delves into the true story of online hacker Deric Lostutter, who hacked his way into the truth uncovering a ring of cover-ups in small town Steubenville, Ohio centering on the rape of a 16-year old high school girl. Upon unraveling the facts, the information Lostutter provided not only brought charges to the rapists, but directly indicted the high school superintendent, the elementary school principal and two high school coaches, but also brought down the potential for a 20-year sentence for Lostutter himself.

For Pitt, Gardner and fellow Plan B producer , this is the first project announced for them since their best picture Oscar win for “12 Years a Slave”. Collectively, the company has done an exceptional of mixing commercial success with critical achievement, and their active slate of in- films include a sequel to the highest grossing zombie film of all time – “World War Z”, as well as a biopic of Marilyn Monroe, an adventure tale centered on Percy Harrison Fawcett, the man who disappeared in his search for “The Lost City of Z” and a period piece centered on the town of “Selma” Alabama during the civil rights movement.

The project is said to focus on the life of Lostutter, his involvement with the hacking group Anonymous, and how it was to come that his uncovering of the truth would find him facing 20-years in prison, while the rapists he revealed were only facing 1 year in prison. Plan B will produce alongside New Regency.

Plan B is repped by and .




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  2. This is a movie would see, obviously the horrors of an abusive system that entrap girls and women into the sick sadistic sexualized violence needs exposing. A town, or country for that matter, that sanctions abuse of its women and girls will never rise above the putrid corruption plaguing it. Until we do right by our women and girls, this country goes no where fast. And that is exactly what has been happening on an economic and world status level.

  3. Hello Brad.

    I wrote a true story about a sailor during 1942, he was a member in a Human Smugglers ring that save many from a horrid fate. The story is free to read under the name in smaschword : : The adventures of Polly and Zack “

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  9. Is Brad Pitt going to include in the movie the story of how Anonymous thugs harassed and bullied journalists and bloggers who criticized their terrible thuggery on this story?

    KYAnon is no hero — he outed the victim’s name, and persecuted people who in fact were not guilty of this crime, and then made it harder to prosecute the case. Brad better read the New Yorker’s version of this story before he gets it wrong. Anonymous is no hero here.

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