I have confirmation that has been offered a starring role in the Warner Brothers reboot of “Lethal Weapon,” currently titled LIONHUNTERS. Rumors about the sequel’s plot have swarmed for years, and many wondered whether the series would get a complete remake, or just continue where the fourth installment left off. It appears as if the answer is a mix of both – as reports indicate the recent version of the script centers on the desires of an older cop’s son (presumably Riggs’) and his wishes to join the police force.

That may be raising more questions than answers, but it looks as if and the studio still want to leave their options open. It may allow Mel Gibson a possible cameo or supporting role as the “older, father cop,” or just make use of the storyline people are familiar with.

Fast and Furious director is also attached to direct the project, as his experience with big budget action movies makes him more than qualified (and an interesting choice) to helm the film. is working on the current version of the script, though there have been rumors that , creator of the original characters, has had input into what direction the sequel will take.

In past interviews, Gibson has denied involvement in any kind of sequel or reboot, yet it’s hard to imagine “Lethal Weapon” without him or co-star Danny Glover. I personally hope that one of them (ideally both) at least have some part in the film. If his upcoming roles in “Expendables 3” and “Blood Father” turn out to be successful, it may be the perfect way for Gibson to ease back into the good graces of audiences following his very public struggles a few years back.

Either way, if Hemsworth decides to take the role, his appeal could bring the franchise an entire new generation of fans. He would have absolutely no problem fitting into the action-adventure movie, as he’s made a name for himself playing action heroes. Hopefully his character would have dark edges like Riggs, and add depth to the story that could lose focus amidst its attempt to be re-made by the Hollywood machine.

Stay glued to the Tracking Board to find out what Hemsworth decides to do, and where the producers end up taking the reboot of this much-loved franchise.




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