{TB EXCLUSIVE} Dimension Picks Up Bestselling Kid’s Book Series “JOSHUA DREAD”



’s popular children’s novels have been option by Dimension

Along with , has optioned the rights for the popular series of children’s fantasy novels, Joshua Dread, by . Chris and from will be producing, and will be executive producing. No writer is attached to adapt the books as of yet, but producers have a strong sense of who they’re looking for.

Bacon’s series follows the adventures of titular tween Joshua Dread, whose parents happen to be the infamous supervillain pair, the Dread Duo. Since his parents tend to wreak havoc everywhere they go, Joshua has had to move around a lot but is finally getting settled into a town as he starts 7th grade; he has a best friend, and he gets noticed by the new girl. Unfortunately, this all starts to unravel as Joshua begins to develop his own destructive powers, the new girl turns out to be the daughter of his parents’ superhero arch-enemy, and someone starts abducting supervillains.

There are three novels in the series and a short story spinoff with Captain Justice, the Dread Duo’s nemesis. Sources seem to point to Dimension’s ideal writer for this project being someone with a proven track record in dealing with children’s fantasy and pre-teen social life, like Chris Columbus, Robert Schooley, Robert Rodriguez, or Craig Titley. Regardless of the writer, this project has potential with a huge audience that is already inundated with Marvel and DC films and merchandise, but may be too young to appreciate the darker themes of both companies’ mainly PG-13 catalogs.


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