{TB EXCLUSIVE} Disney Looks to New Short Lists to Fill Their “Wish List”



Disney has been trying to jumpstart their family friendly comedy ever since their first go round of cast () and director () fell off the project. We’re now hearing a few new shortlists have begun floating around town for both the male and female lead, as well as director.  The has made it very clear that they are looking for a actor to begin developing the project around – which could explain some of the familiar -director pair ups in the list.

The film, which has gone through several hands on its way to today, is pitched as being in the vein of the classic Tom Hanks-starrer “Big”.  The story centers on a 10-year-old girl who throws a coin into a wishing well in hopes of her 10 dreams coming true. Several years later, now an all grown up, the coin she threw into the well is dislodged from where it was stuck and finally makes its way to the bottom of the wishing well, unleashing all of her 10 childhood dreams into her very adult life.

Personally, I see why Disney has been aggressive on keeping this one from getting stuck in hell – it has all the makings of a fun mid-level budget film that mixes equal parts 4-quadrant fun and nostalgia.

So, following he previous exits of Witherspoon and Feig, who’s in the ’s sights now? Well lets take a look at the most recent shortlists!


Honestly, I think any of these gals would make a perfect fit based on the story. And there is obviously a “type” they’re going after in seeing this shortlist.


Huh. This list seems to be in more of an exploratory stage. Whereas with the ladies, I can see what they’re aiming for, with the men, the only recurring theme I see is “funny” guy. So, maybe the really is focusing on the female lead and director pairing, as they had before.


Four interesting , for what I think would be four very different films. I have a feeling a lot will ride on which lead they grab first here.

There’s the current shortlists. I have a feeling we’ll start to see movement on a few of these very soon. Based on the story and the , who would you like to see fill those three spots above?




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  1. I’d rather see the script Elisa Bell wrote and sold to Universal 20 years ago for Michael J. Fox it might have been in 1992 it was titled 30 Wishes same exact concept and it was really funny. You should do an update on 30 Wishes and find out if it’s still at Universal then list it as a project with all the others on here.

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