(TB EXCLUSIVE} Europacorp Producing True Submarine Disaster Story “Kursk”


  〉Follows the of the tragic submarine wreck in August of 2000

Europacorp is developing , based on the true of the tragic sinking of the nuclear submarine K-141 Kursk in 2000, and the drama surrounding the mounting of a rescue attempt. will be producing, and is overseeing for Europacorp.

The script, which will be adapted from ’s book, A Time to Die: The Untold Story of the Kursk Tragedy, is being scripted by The Patriot scribe . Rodat has a number of projects in currently, but is probably most well known for writing Saving Private Ryan.

In August of 2000, a Russian nuclear submarine sank in the Arctic Sea due to a torpedo accident. All but 23 sailors died that day, and the remaining men were stuck in a small compartment with no hope of rescue due to the Russian government’s refusal of all help from abroad.

After it became obvious that the global community needed to intervene, and after finally admitting that they could not mount one, Russia called on a crew of British and Norwegian rescue teams move in to save the submariners and submarine, but unfortunately they were too late and the entire crew perished.

The search is on right now for a director. More news and attachments to come as this project undoubtedly draws interest.

Rodat is repped by Gersh.


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