{TB EXCLUSIVE} Eva Sorhaug Set to Become Relativity’s “GODMOTHER”



Relativity Media has tapped Norwegian director to bring to life to the true tale of ruthless Medellin drug lord Griselda Blanco – aka: THE GODMOTHER. The project, which stems from a script written by Frank Baldwin, will tell the tale of Blanco (who was also ran under the alias “The Black Widow”) as she set up and ran one of the most profitable drug rings in America during the 1970s. Setting up shop in Miami, Blanco was one of the most ruthless leaders of the Medellin Cartel, known in equal parts for for violence, with over 200 murders said to have been on her docket, as well as her business acumen, as she averaged over $80 million a month in profits.  Aside from also mentoring Pablo Escobar, it is also said that the foothold Blanco established in America in the 70s, is something the country will never recover from.

Projecting as a female-driven “Scarface” for the studio, the addition of Sørhaug continues to move the project forward, and gives us an idea of the direction they’re looking to take this tale. Sørhaug, who just last September was signed to helm the true tale of ruthless bare-knuckle boxer “Lenny” McLean, has previously directed “Lønsj” and “90 minutes”, both dark character-driven tales. Her ability to weave exceptional story and visual beauty into bleak and destructive characters lives is something that I am sure weighs heavy on her addition to this film, her biggest project to date. With thousands of pages, documents and videos to pull from, I’m eager to see the story Baldwin and Sørhaug team up to tell. A dark time, that could deliver us an entertaining few hours inside the mind of a true criminal mastermind.

Sørhaug is repped by and .



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