{TB EXCLUSIVE} Fox 2000 Snatches Up Hot New YA Dystopian Novel “Ferals”



〉The upcoming fantasy novel by Jacob Grey has been picked up with plans for a trilogy.

has picked up Jacob Grey’s upcoming YA dystopian fantasy novel . The project will be overseen by Marisa Paiva and Nikki Ramey for the .

The story follows a boy named Caw, who has been able to talk to crows for his entire life. When he was five, his parents were killed, leaving him to take shelter in a nest of crows in an abandoned park. Years later, Caw discovers that there are other people who share his gift, called Ferals. Each type of Feral has the ability to speak to a different animal. He must team up and use his ability to solve the murder of his parents, while battling an evil and dangerous Feral called “The Spinning Man”.

Throughout the decade, the popularity of YA novels has increased, with strong and loyal fan bases supporting the film adaptations of the material. The Hunger Games and Divergent series have performed strong. The Maze Runner is another successful series to cross mediums. With the current popularity of franchises, studios have been adapting material that calls for an expanded series.

Ferals will be published by HarperCollins on April 28th, as the first of a planned book series by Grey.


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