{TB EXCLUSIVE} Gerard Butler Lands Lead in Million Dollar Spec Script GEOSTORM



has been tapped to star in one of 2013’s biggest spec sales from writers Dean Devlin and Paul Guyot. The project, which capped off the first 7-figure sale of last year, was picked up by David Ellison’s Skydance Productions, to be produced alongside Devlin’s own Electric Entertainment. Originally set up at Paramount, the project has moved to Warner Bros. with the addition of Butler.

The story centers on a man-made superstorm that is circling the globe, destroying everything in it’s wake, and a satellite designer, and his engineer brother, who are tasked with stopping the storm and saving the world in the process. Butler is set to play the satellite designer, while offers are now out for the role of his brother.

Butler, who just last week picked up rights to the Jim Thompson novel “Pop. 1280”, has been busy thus far in 2014, with plans to star in the upcoming “Point Break” remake and, should it ever find it’s way out of hell, the planned adaptation of the video game series “Kane & Lynch”.

Devlin, who once upon a time served in a 2nd unit role on his “Independence Day”, would be making his feature debut with Geostorm, one of the two features he attached himself to in 2013. Previously he’d directed over a dozen episodes of his television series “Leverage” for TNT.

Ellison will produce the film alongside Dana Goldberg, Marc Roskin, Rachel Olschan and Devlin himself. Matthew Milam will oversee for Skydance, while Jon Berg will oversee for Warners.

Butler is represented by and .



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