{TB EXCLUSIVE} Hot Eisner-Nominated Comic “Nimona” Set Up With Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment


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 〉The wildly popular series was recently nominated for an Eisner Award

’s has nabbed the wildly popular Eisner nominated comic . Created by rising writer/artist , Nimona began as a free web comic that she had released while attending the Maryland Institute College of Art. The series picked up an immediate and rapid popularity since it’s release in 2012, eventually leading to a print release through Harper Collins just this month.

The series chronicles the adventures of Nimona, a exciteable, trouble-making young shapeshifter who operates as a sidekick to knight-turned-mad scientist supervillain Lord Ballister Blackheart. Together, the often disagreeable duo thwart Blackheart’s nemesis, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin, and the furtively despicable Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics. Tonally, the story initially begins with a whacky, easily accessible, and often silly tone, but slowly transforms into a morally layered and fervidly complex tale with surprising twists, intriguing storylines, and complicated relationships.


The series has received widespread accolades for effectively combining fantasy with science fiction tropes and feminist ideals, lending Slate Magazine‘s to award it the Cartoonist Studio Prize for Best Web Comic of 2012 and Io9 to declare the series one of the Best New and Short Webcomics of 2013.

Nimona‘s fervent popularity led to a Harper Collins print of the series’ current run, which was just recently released as a hardcover edition on May 12th. The series was landed a Best Digital/Web Comic nomination for the Eisner Awards, which is the comics industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards, with winners set to be announced in July.

Stevenson, also known by her pen name Gingerhaze, has quickly risen to become one of the most sought-after original writer/artists working in comics due to her innate ability to craft surprising and layered stories with a unique perspective and her singular artistic style. Her art has circulated frequently on Tumblr, notably her Avengers and hipster Lord Of The Rings short comics.

boombox_lumberjanes_001_aShe most recently followed up Nimona by co-writing the critically beloved BOOM! Studios run Lumberjanes, which follows a group of five teenage girls that fight off monsters, madmen, and mayhem as they attend summer camp. Stevenson was recently announced to write for Marvel Comics’ Thor and Runaways series, as well as on the second season of Disney’s cartoon, Wander Over Yonder.

Lee will produce the adaptation through Vertigo, with president overseeing. Vertigo most recently produced the Ryan Reynolds horror/comedy The Voices, Warner Bros.’ smash animated hit The Lego Movie, and the Liam Neeson starrer Run All Night. Vertigo is currently producing a number of high-profile projects, including The Lego Movie sequels and spinoffs, the Adventure Time adaptation, and Stephen King’s It. Vertigo’s latest, the Poltergeist remake, is set to bow this weekend.

Stevenson is repped by and literary agency .


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