{TB EXCLUSIVE} Hot YA Novel “My Lady Jane” Hits The Market, Out To Producers



〉The novel is set for publication in 2016.

novel is hot on the market, with sources confirming that of Curtis Brown Ltd is out to three interested producers, with the potential of going wide. The buzzy manuscript was co-written by titans and , and is set for publication through Harper in 2016.

Pitched as in the vein of The Princess Bride, the novel tells the story of Lady Jane Grey in an alternate 16th century England, where the warring Protestants and Catholics are instead Shape-Shifters and those that despise them. Other characters in the historical fantasy include Jane’s romantic interest — a good guy who transforms into a horse by day; and her cousin — Edward VI, who seeks to discover the entity who’s poisoning him so that he may reclaim his rightful throne.

Our sources confirm that the buzz is beginning to build for the teen/adventure tale, with interested parties already emerging from the woodwork.

The three veterans each have multiple installments of their own individual teen romance series already published. Hand is known for writing the bestselling Unearthly series, which has received critical success. Meadows wrote The Incarnate trilogy, which was commended by the School Library Journal. Ashton penned the Everneath series, which received accolades amongst peers and outlets alike, including Publishers Weekly.

The authors’ literary are of Curtis Brown Ltd,  of Dystel & Goderich, and  of .


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