{TB EXCLUSIVE} Iris Bahr Is on “The Brink”



has been cast in a recurring role on the upcoming HBO comedy . Executive produced by , , and , with a pilot written by Benabib and his brother and directed by Roach, the series focuses on three men — the U.S. Secretary of State, a Foreign Service officer, and a Navy fighter pilot — who come together in order to deal with a geopolitical crisis and try to avert World War III. Tim Robbins, Jack Black, and Pablo Schreiber star as the Secretary of State, the Foreign Service officer, and the pilot, respectively. Bahr will play the Israeli Prime Minister.

Bahr is probably best known to American audiences for her role in the found-footage horror film “The Last Exorcism,” in which she played a documentary producer following a reverend who is performing a final exorcism in order to prove that the institution is a fraud. She also starred in 2006’s “Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.” Bahr has had guest and recurring roles on a number of American series, including “Friends,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “Dollhouse.” In Israel, she stars on the comedy “Bilti Hafich,” which was adapted an American pilot (in which Bahr also starred); ABC passed over the pilot this year.

“The Brink” has an interesting creative team behind it: Benabib was an executive producer on “Weeds” (“Orange is the New Black” showrunner Jenji Kohan’s previous series), while Roach is the director of “Austin Powers,” “Meet the Parents” and last year’s “The Campaign.” He also directed the decidedly non-comedic -winning HBO movie “Game Change,” about Sarah Palin’s bid for Vice .

Between the disparate comedic influences of Benabib, Roach, and Black, and the dramatic content inherent to the concept, this should be a really interesting series to check out. I have no idea what it will look like, but I’m ready to find out.

Bahr is repped by Art/Works Entertainment.



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